Track Review: Deftones "Rocket Skates" Diamond Eyes [2010]

“Rocket Skates” is a brand new Deftones tune that surfaced in late February.  It is the first single from the upcoming album Diamond Eyes that is due out on May 18.  Unfortunately, injured bassist Chi Cheng is not yet able to resume his duties for this record.  Stepping in for him is Sergio Vega from Quicksand.  Even though Cheng’s bass is not around for the latest material, “Rocket Skates” turns out to be a well-crafted song that is heavy, melodic, ferocious, and beautiful.

The guitar riffs of Stephen Carpentar in the intro and throughout the rest of the single are hypnotizing.  Abe Cunningham establishes a powerful groove on the drums while maintaining a very chill ambiance.  Chino Moreno continues to be one of metal’s most interesting frontman especially from a stylistic perspective.  He owns a voice that he can call his own, a modern day rarity.  Yes, it is very upsetting that Cheng is still recovering from his tragic car accident and could not be part of this, but Vega is probably the best hired gun for the Deftones at the moment.

“Rocket Skates” is a good effort, perhaps the best single since “Minerva” and is absolutely worth the free download at  Diamond Eyes will certainly be an album to watch for this spring.  Click on the link below to play and own this dangerous concoction of “guns, razors, knives,” wooh!

Deftones is Chino Moreno (Vocals/Guitar), Stephen Carpentar (Guitar), Sergio Vega (Bass), & Abe Cunningham (Drums).

“Rocket Skates” is currently available for free download at

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