Review: Ratt – Infestation [2010]

80’s glam band, Ratt delivers another powerhouse of a record on Infestation.  With hard rock vibes reminiscent of the Out of the Cellar days, Stephen Pearcy and company also invoke the spirit of ’76 Aerosmith.

Pearcy’s voice soars on all 11 tracks of Infestation; at 50 years old, he has not lost much of anything.  He belts out anthemic melodies and infectious choral lines as if it is still 1984.

While there is a high saturation of lead guitars from Warren DeMartini and Carlos Cavazo all over the record—from the intro solos to the formal solo breaks—they do not fail to wail.

Compared to their bluesier self-titled album from 1999, Infestation represents a return to Ratt’s glam metal roots. Perhaps the new partnership with Roadrunner Records rekindled a much needed fire? (I prefer to think that it was the “Round and Round” bar scene from The Wrestler).

For the masses that still yearn for blazing riffs, thunderous drums, melodramatic lead guitars, and heavy fist pumping then this record will be a treasured delight. These fundamental and core ingredients converge, forming an undeniable and timeless sense of Sunset Strip debauchery.

Ratt is Stephen Pearcy (Vocals), Warren DeMartini (Guitars), Carlos Cavazo (Guitars), Robbie Crane (Bass), & Bobby Blotzer (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Eat Me Up Alive”
  2. “Best Of Me”
  3. “A Little Too Much”
  4. “Look Out Below”
  5. “Last Call”
  6. “Lost Weekend”
  7. “As Good As It Gets”
  8. “Garden Of Eden”
  9. “Take A Big Bite”
  10. “Take Me Home”
  11. “Don’t Let Go”


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