Review: Bullet For My Valentine – Fever [2010]

Well-orchestrated guitar riffs and diligently executed breakdowns don Bullet For My Valentine’s ferocious third album from Jive Records titled Fever.

The album starts off with a rush of pure power and adrenaline due to tracks such as the earth pounding “Your Betrayal,” the title track, and “The Last Fight.” The second half of the disc is not quite as brutal nor as exciting, with exception to the face pummeling “Begging For Mercy,” which is the strongest song on Fever.

A major shortcoming of this release  is the lyrical content. There are few things worse in music than a talented metal band that strays towards its old emo tendencies (“You make me feel dead when I’m talking to you”). The hooks and melodies are catchy indeed, but surely they would emanate more command by simply incorporating more demons, ultimate fighting, and destruction.

In conclusion, Bullet For My Valentine continues to soar as one of metalcore’s most talented and thrashiest outfits. The guitars, choral melodies, and drums rule on blistering cuts like “Your betrayal,” “Fever,” “The Last Fight,” and “Begging For Mercy.” At 11 tracks, Fever is the perfect length, however, uninteresting themes within the realm of emo-heartbreak hinder the disc from reaching its true potential.

Bullet For My Valentine is Matthew Tuck (Vocals/Guitars), Michael Paget (Guitars), Jason James (Bass), & Michael Thomas (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Your Betrayal”
  2. “Fever”
  3. “The Last Fight”
  4. “A Place Where You Belong”
  5. “Pleasure And Pain”
  6. “Alone”
  7. “Breaking Out, Breaking Down”
  8. “Bittersweet Memories”
  9. “Dignity”
  10. “Begging For Mercy”
  11. “Pretty On The Outside”

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