Track Review: Methods Of Mayhem "Fight Song" A Public Disservice Announcement [2010]

Whoah dude. Methods of Mayhem is back man and you got to see it dude because it’s like totally sick man. Dude. Yeah. Woah!

That’s enough of my juvenile and nonsensical Tommy Lee impersonating intro. The fact of the matter is that Methods of Mayhem, Lee’s nu-metal side project is back after an eleven year hiatus. The first song to make its way out to the public is “Fight Song” off of A Public Disservice Announcement, and represents Lee’s heaviest work in years.

Lee’s vocals are on the attack from the opening bell. The guitars and drums team up in a most aggressive fashion. Has the concept been done before? Of course. Does it still rule? Hell yeah.

The rock world needs a strong fight song every few years to serve as a reminder that RAWK is the most important type of music in existence.

[On a side note, I still can’t stand how we label sub genres of heavy metal these days. It simply does not matter whether you are deathcore, mathcore, pirate, viking, screamo, emo, thrash, or punk. If it is heavy and it feels good, then it is just right. Leave it at that.]

“Fight Song” sounds more like a track from the underrated Never a Dull Moment than the debut Methods album, and hits much harder than Tommyland.

It is going to be interesting to see what the rest of the Methods album sounds like. Lee pulls off the in-your-face approach better than the rap metal tomfoolery (no Tilo on this record).

What makes A Public Disservice Announcement, due out September 2010, most unique is that the tracks are comprised of demos submitted online from people all over the globe. If it works then kudos to the band. If not, we can still say it was a cool and ambitious concept.


  1. Actually the aggressive vocals you’re referring to I believe to by Marcus Davis, former vocalist of Ph8. Youtube “In Your Time of Sorrow” and you’ll hear the similarity.

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