Nza’s Review: Weezer – Hurley [2010]

I remember a time when I had to wait many, many, many years for a new Weezer album.  Nowadays, between Rivers releasing solo records and new Weezer discs, fans of the nerd rock misfits have no worries.  Hurley has been released less than 11 months since Weezer’s last, Raditude, and its pretty much a continuation of that.  It could work for them or it may not, that’s your call.  For me, Hurley is not a terrible effort but it really lacks any growth or compositional maturity.
“Memories” is everything that Red Albums’ “Heart Songs” should have been.  Oozing with bubblegum pop that makes your teeth hurt.  It supplies you with a sing along chorus (featuring a gang vocal by the Jackass crew headed by Johnny Knoxville) and a 1-2-3 pop verse that makes it nearly impossible not to bop up and down.  “Ruling Me” is a Blue Album b-side at best, a decent tune.  “Where’s My Sex?” was inspired by Rivers’ daughter asking her daddy where her socks are—kind of cute and bizarre at the same time—sounds like part Cars and part Jesus and Mary Chain. Sweet mandolin and backing vocals from Michael Cera (Juno/Arrested Development/Nick&Nora) make “Hang On” a standout track and another singalong.  Steady backbone by Scott Shriner and Pat Wilson are always a given with Weezer, while melodic backing vocals, solid guitar and key make Brian Bell irreplaceable.
Two versions of Hurley are available: Standard and Deluxe with 4 extra songs including the World Cup anthem “Represent!”
Perhaps next time around, Rivers can write the material all by himself and see what comes up.  The last few he has gotten some help.  Not that I dont like what I hear but switch it up again, or revert back to old formula that made Weezer who they were.  It’s been a long while since the glory days of Pinkerton Nza
Weezer is Rivers Cuomo (Vocals/Guitar), Brian Bell (Guitars/Vocals), Scot Shriner (Bass/Vocals), & Pat Wilson (Drums/Vocals).
Track Listing:
  1. “Memories”
  2. “Ruling Me”
  3. “Trainwrecks”
  4. “Unspoken”
  5. “Where’s My Sex?”
  6. “Run Away”
  7. “Hang On”
  8. “Smart Girls”
  9. “Brave New World”
  10. “Time Flies”

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