Review: Martians From Uranus – More Dead Than Alive [2010]

For those looking for a tight rock and roll band with a sound punk rock framework and a soft spot for zombie love affairs, then look no further than New York rockers’ Martians From Uranus.  MFU’s sound on their newest disc More Dead Than Alive can best be described as an intoxicating concoction of Elvis Presley, The Ramones, and Social Distortion.

Like traditional rock bands, MFU understands the value and beauty of simplicity.  On “Zombie Love” the refrain, “I’m just a fool, just a fool for you” might as well be playing on a jukebox in an ice cream parlor circa 1957.  Once you factor in the protopunk era of the mid-70s and today’s modern rock scene, you get MFU.

The highlight of this studio/live split disc is a tune by the name of “Wreckin’ Ball,” a lyrically endowed number featuring layered lead vocals, swift guitar hooks, and a malted percussive groove.

“Lee Edwards” offers a catchy refrain in the line “everybody’s watching me,” as well as diligent lead guitars, with a straightforward eighth-note rhythmic backbone.

Other notables from MFU include the anthemic opener “Less Than Zero,” the scuttle buttin’ “Wipe That Face Off,” and a lively rendition of Presley’s “Suspicious Minds.”

MFU is a rad rock and roll band that has been around since their 2002 debut Addictions.  Their music was even featured in HBO’s Sex And The City.  They have underwent several transformations over the years leading to their current and best reinvention yet.  Check out More Dead Than Alive to hear for yourself.

Track Listing:

  1. “Less Than Zero”
  2. Wreckin’ Ball”
  3. “Zombie Love”
  4. “Lee Edwards”
  5. “Wipe That Face Off”
  6. “She’s Alright (Live)”
  7. “Wanna Be Loved (Live)” Johnny Thunder and the Heartbreakers cover
  8. “Goin’ Down (Live)”
  9. “I Don’t Care (Live)”
  10. “Suspicious Minds/Burma Shave (Live)” Elvis Presley cover/Roger Miller cover

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