Nza’s Review: Metallica Slayer Megadeth Anthrax: The Big 4 – Live From Sofia, Bulgaria [2010] DVD

Attention all metalheads: this means you—everyone, at one point or another had wished that the BIG FOUR would really happen.  I know it has been a discussion for years: would it happen? Could it happen? How would it happen? Well, kiddies, thats the past.  It happened and chances are you weren’t there.

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax thrashed their metal in a big way on 6/22/10.  Live from the Sonisphere Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, the biggest and baddest Thrash Titans shared the stage and put on one helluva event.

Up first, Anthrax warmed the crowd of ugly with their New York snot/punk/thrash offerings like no one else could.  Fronted by the original singer, Joey Belladonna, Anthrax sounded tight right from the opening chords of “Caught in A Mosh.”  Without looking back, classics “Antisocial,” “Indians,” and “I am The Law” never sounded better.  An interesting choice was “Only” being that this song was from the John Bush era, Joey does indeed deliver the song justice.

Megadeth earned my vote for the MVPs of the day.  Braving torrential downpours, Dave Mustiane and Co killed em all.  With a little bit from each album, Megadeth kept things moving at a violent and feriocus pace.  Standout tracks of the set include “Sweating Bullets,” “In my Darkest Hour,” and the bittersuite and catchiest death anthem of all time, “A Tout Le Monde.”  Closing out with the classic “Peace Sells,” Megadeth was in top form.

No matter how many times I see Slayer, I will never ever get sick of them.  Thank God (that’s right i said it), thank God for World Painted Blood.  Slayer’s latest offering in my mind, is their best album to date.  Being able to hear “Hate Worldwide,” “Beauty Through Order,” and “Jihad,” and having them fit within the classics is Heavy Metal at its finest.  A great performance of “South of Heaven” made the crowd go insane.  They do no wrong and are the true Titans of the Thrash.

Metallica: What to say about them that hasn’t been said before.  They never dissapoint. I’ve seen them many times.  Sounding like they have something to prove, Metallica sped through the first two numbers “Creeping Death” and “For Whom The Bell Tolls.”  An amazing “Harvester of Sorrow” sounded perfect.  Inviting all up to jam on “Am I Evil ?” was a site to behold.  Closing out the blistering two hours were the Kill Em All classics “Hit the Lights” and “Seek and Destroy.”  Metallica are their own entity and really dont need to share the stage with anyone.

The Big Four is available as a 2 DVD set or the 5 Disc/2 DVD Box Set with poster, picks, pictures, and a book.

Set Lists:

Caught In A MOsh
Got the Time
Be All , End All
Indians/Heaven and Hell
Metal Thrashing Mad
I Am The Law
Holy Wars
Hangar 18
Wake Up Dead
Head Crusher
In My Darkest Hour
Skin O’ My Teeth
A Tout Le Monde
Hook In Mouth
Sweating Bullets
Symphony of Destruction
Peace Sells/Holy Wars Reprise
World Painted Blood
War Enssemble
Hate Worldwide
Seasons In the Abyss
Angel of Death
Beauty Through Order
Mandatory Suicide
Chemical Warfare
South of Heaven
Raining Blood
Creeping Death
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Harvester of Sorrow
Fade To Black
That was Just Your Life
Sad But True
All Nightmare Long
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Am I Evil?
Hit The Lights
Seek and Destroy


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