Review: Ross The Boss – Hailstorm [2010]

Manowar founding member and guitarist, Ross the Boss Friedman follows up last year’s New Metal Leader with another dominant record titled Hailstorm.  With blazing guitar riffs, thunderous drum fills, and raging medieval tempers, Ross the Boss lays down the nasty.

Here’s the rundown: “Kingdom Arise” is a paramount tune with a vicious hook.  “Behold the Kingdom” kicks out a heavy groove with a 70’s classic rock vibe and “Empire’s Anthem” swings hard.  Even the power ballad “Among the Ruins” rocks.

The title track is a fantasy thrash frenzy and one of the the records best moments.  For those of you interested in Trans-Siberian styled power melodies check out “Great Gods Glorious.”

The production is a little rough around the edges, the way classic heavy metal ought to be recorded.  When it comes to hard music, under-production is far more noble than over-produced poop rock.

Hailstorm is worth checking out especially for those that worship German metal.  Sure, the music and content can be redundant at times;  it is also sludgy, powerful, abusive, and glorious.  Just like those old Manowar records, the cover art alone makes this disc a must-own.

Track Listing:

  1. “I.A.G.”
  2. “Kingdom Arise”
  3. “Dead Man’s Curve”
  4. “Hailstorm”
  5. “Burn Alive”
  6. “Crom”
  7. “Behold The Kingdom”
  8. “Great Gods Glorious”
  9. “Shining Path”
  10. “Among The Ruins”
  11. “Empire’s Anthem”

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