Top 10 Dio Songs of All Time

The late Ronnie James Dio is an American heavy metal legend.  The New Hampshire native was active in the late 60s with rock band Elf before going on to perform in Rainbow with Ritchie Blackmore and post-Ozzy Black Sabbath.  Some of his best stuff came from the early-to-mid 1980s with lead guitarists Vivian Campbell and Craig Goldy as the band Dio.

1.  “The Last in Line” from The Last in Line (1984)

2.  “Holy Diver” from Holy Diver (1983)

3.  “Stand Up and Shout” from Holy Diver (1983)

4.  “Rainbow in the Dark” from Holy Diver (1983)

5.  “We Rock” from The Last in Line (1984)

6.  “Mystery” from The Last in Line (1984)

7.  “Rock ‘n’ Roll Children” from Sacred Heart (1985)

8.  “Sacred Heart” from Sacred Heart (1985)

9.  “I Could Have Been a Dreamer” from Dream Evil (1987)

10.  “Hungry for Heaven” from Sacred Heart (1985)

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