Top 10 Poison Songs of All Time

Poison is an American 80’s hair metal band that is still active and popular to this day, mainly due to the television success of singer Bret Michaels.  Poison features C.C. DeVille on guitar, Bobby Dall on bass, and Rikki Rockett on drums.  They aren’t the greatest musicians in the world, however, they have created some damn catchy tunes.  Here are my Top 10 Poison songs:

1.  “Nothin’ But A Good Time” Open Up and Say…Ahh! (1988)

2.  “Something To Believe In” Flesh & Blood (1990)

3.  “Look What The Cat Dragged In” Look What The Cat Dragged In (1986)

4.  “Fallen Angel” Open Up and Say…Ahh! (1988)

5.  “Talk Dirty To Me” Look What The Cat Dragged In (1986)

6.  “Cry Tough” Look What The Cat Dragged In (1986)

7.  “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” Open Up and Say…Ahh! (1988)

8.  “I Want Action” Look What The Cat Dragged In (1986)

9.  “Unskinny Bop” Flesh & Blood (1990)

10.  “Stand” Native Tongue featuring Ritchie Kotzen on guitar (1993)

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