Top 10 Anthrax Songs of All Time

Anthrax at the Paramount (2011)

Anthrax is an American thrash metal band from New York.  They have been active since the early 1980s and are considered a highly influential metal band.  Anthrax makes up one quarter of the Big Four of Thrash Metal; Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth are the other three thrash titans.  Even though John Bush is a sick singer and did wonderful things with Anthrax in the 90s, the true Anthrax features Joey Belladonna on vocals.  Today Anthrax still releases awesome metal music (check out 2011’s Worship Music) featuring Belladonna, Scott Ian on guitars, Rob Caggiano on guitars, Frank Bello on bass, and Charlie Benante on drums.  Here are my Top 10 Anthrax songs with Belladonna fronting the band:

1.  “Indians” Among The Living (1987)

2.  “Madhouse” Spreading The Disease (1985)

3.  “Among The Living” Among The Living (1987)

4.  “Caught In A Mosh” Among The Living (1987)

5.  “Metal Thrashing Mad” Armed and Dangerous (1985)

6.  “Antisocial (Trust Cover)” State of Euphoria (1988)

7.  “A.I.R.” Spreading The Disease (1985)

8.  “I Am The Law” Among The Living (1987)

9.  “The Devil You Know” Worship Music (2011)

10.  “I’m The Man” I’m The Man EP (1987)

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