Top 10 Kiss Songs of All Time

Kiss is a hard rock band from New York that has been active since the early 1970s.  They are the original monsters of rock and the originators of the gigantic stage show.  They proved that it does not take great musicianship to be a successful or powerful rock band.  The ultimate and truest Kiss lineup is the original consisting of Paul Stanley on vocals, Ace Frehley on guitar, Gene Simmons on bass, and Peter Criss on drums.  Here are the Top 10 Kiss tracks of the 1970s era:

1.  “Black Diamond” Kiss (1974)

2.  “Detroit Rock City” Destroyer (1976)

3.  “Deuce” Kiss (1974)

4.  “God of Thunder” Destroyer (1976)

5.  “Love Gun” Love Gun (1977)

6.  “Cold Gin” Kiss (1974)

7.  “Beth” Destroyer (1976)

8.  “Strutter” Kiss (1974)

9.  “Rock and Roll All Nite” Dressed To Kill (1975)

10.  “Shout It Out Loud” Destroyer (1976)

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