Profile of Jennifer “That Metal Show” Miss Box of Junk

Saturday night metalheads are very familiar with Jennifer Leah Gottlieb aka “Miss Box of Junk” from VH1’s That Metal Show.   Jennifer has been a key member of the show since the Season 4 premiere on Feb. 6, 2010.

Jennifer replaced Keri Leigh Tucker, the original “Miss Box of Junk” that passed away in 2009.  Four season later, Gottlieb has proven to be a vital part of the show and gets to interact more often with the hosts Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson—particularly since the That Metal Show moved to the one-hour format.
Here is a little background and some key links to browse all things related to Jennifer “Miss Box of Junk”:

Jennifer Leah Gottlieb played the part of Linda in the Broadway touring version of The Wedding Singer.  Check out the video, she is actually rather talented:

Here is her professional profile that includes her “details” on Model Mayhem.

She has an official site which says she does personal trainer work too!

Jennifer tweets.  Did you know she is in love with Brian Johnson?  (Yeah I know, who isn’t?)

You can like Jennifer Leah Gottlieb on FaceBook.  There, you can even “like her” liking her Slayer t-shirt.

And be sure to check out these professional shots of Jennifer by David Teng.


As of December 2012, Jennifer Leah Gottlieb does not have her own Wikipedia page. WTF?


Did you know? Jennifer sells her That Metal Show clothing on eBay. You can purchase her custom cut-up t-shirts worn by Ms. Gottlieb during the actual program. Here is a recent example of an Aerosmith shirt that sold for $60.00.


The Gears of Rock would like to thank Ms. Gottlieb for linking to us on her official Facebook page in 2012.


Update: For those of you looking for nude pictures of Jennifer Leah Gottlieb, you are out of luck. According to her Model Mayhem profile, Jennifer Leah Gottlieb naked shots are out of the question as she does not participate in nude photo shoots.


  1. As much as I enjoy seeing Jennifer on That Metal Show I have to wonder why she does not pursue other lines of work fulltime. With all due respect to VH1 Classic and That Metal Show she has talent leaps and bounds beyond what the VH1Classic people can provide for her.

  2. In response to Robbie (“I have to wonder why she does not pursue other lines of work fulltime.”), “That Metal Shows” does their “Season” all at once in a 1-2 week period a couple of times per year where everyone is flown to Hollywood all expenses paid, so she has a lot of time to explore her other avenues. And when someone has a great platform with a large fanbase, one should not cavalierly thumb their nose at that as David Caruso did after 1 season of NYPD Blue, or Chevy Chase did after one season of SNL, or as Farrah Fawcett did after one season on Charlie’s Angels, or as Suzanne Sommers did after a couple of seasons on Three’s Company. Jennifer is slowly working her personality as well as her looks into the show and may well parlay her notoriety here into bigger and better things later as Jenny McCarthy did. I think she rocks and am glad she graces and makes TMS that much better with her presence. I would like to see her kick Don in the nuts, though.

  3. She is a full time model and has the stuff to back it up. Modeling pays 50 times more than VH1 jobs. She is set, full figured and totally smokin hot. The cool thing is that she is current and on scene with a program that covers retroactive rock history. She can’t miss. The resume is unique. Wish I could meet her one day. Party on! -Wezz

  4. Jennifer is so ugly her body is good but her face is hideous I can not believe that is who they picked to replace the orginal miss box of trunk .Jennifer has a man’s face

  5. Jennifer is TOTALY smokin HOT!!!! If these Idiots can’t see that, they are Blind!!. I love T.M.S., but my favorite part is when Jen comes out to flip my switch! ok, so I’m calmin down now.. Jen is a Metal Queen, and all you pansie bitches better recognize and respect. All hail this metal Goddes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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