Top 10 Machine Head Songs of All Time

Machine Head is an American thrash and groove metal band from California that has been active since the early 1990s.  This is the only band that is successfully carrying the Pantera torch—sorry, no other band comes close these days.  Robb Flynn is an extremely brutal vocalist and guitarist, yet you can still understand what he is singing and playing.  Machine Head recently released Unto the Locust which is an excellent followup to their recharging The Blackening record.  Here are the Top 10 greatest Machine Head Songs:


1.  “Davidian” Burn My Eyes (1994)

2.  “Halo” The Blackening (2007)

3.  “Ten Ton Hammer” The More Things Change… (1997)

4.  “Beautiful Mourning” The Blackening (2007)

5.  “Imperium” Through The Ashes of Empires (2004)

6.  “Old” Burn My Eyes (1994)

7.  “Locust” Unto The Locust (2011)

8.  “Aesthetics of Hate” The Blackening (2007)

9.  “Take My Scars” The More Things Change… (1997)

10.  “The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears” The Burning Red (1999)

Here is a link to the Top 10 Machine Head Songs of All Time playlist on YouTube

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