Top 10 Primus Songs of All Time

Primus is an American hard alternative band from California that has been active since the early 1990s.  Their unique sound comes from the genius bass work of frontman Les Claypool, who also has a twisted talent of writing some of the whackiest lyrical concepts of all time.  Primus recently released Green Naughahyde last month, however the band’s best work was produced in the 1990s.  Here are the Top 10 Primus songs for your sucking pleasure:

1.  “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” Tales From The Punchbowl (1995)

2.  “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” Sailing The Seas of Cheese (1991)

3.  “My Name Is Mud” Pork Soda (1993)

4.  “Tommy The Cat” Sailing The Seas of Cheese (1991)

5.  “Those Damned Blue-Collared Tweakers” Sailing The Seas of Cheese (1991)

6.  “Too Many Puppies” Frizzle Fry (1990)

7.  “Here Come The Bastards”  Sailing The Seas of Cheese (1991)

8.  “John The Fisherman” Frizzle Fry (1990)

9.  “Pudding Time” Frizzle Fry (1990)

10.  “Shake Hands With Beef” Brown Album (1997)

Top 10 Primus Songs on YouTube

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