Top 10 Alice In Chains Songs of All Time

Alice in Chains is a hard alternative band from Seattle that has been active since the early 1990s.  The band became popular at a time when Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots starting stirring things up during the grunge days.  What sets Alice in Chains apart though, is that they were the hardest and the best of the bunch.  The classic lineup featured the late Layne Staley on vocals, Jerry Cantrell on guitars, the late Mike Starr on bass, and Sean Kinney on drums.  Here are the Top 10 Alice In Chains Songs of All Time:

1.  “Man In The Box” Facelift (1990)

2.  “Them Bones” Dirt (1992)

3.  “Angry Chair” Dirt (1992)

4.  “Would?” Dirt (1992)

5.  “No Excuses” Jar of Flies (1994)

6.  “Rooster” Dirt (1992)

7.  “Got Me Wrong” Sap (1992)

8.  “Down In A Hole” Dirt (1992)

9.  “Again” Alice In Chains (1995)

10.  “Heaven Beside You” Alice In Chains (1995)

The spirit of Alice In Chains carries on with William DuVall performing lead vocals and longtime bassist Mike Inez.  2009’s Black Gives Way To Blue was a solid and triumphant comeback album for this great hard rock band.

Top 10 Alice In Chains Songs on YouTube

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