Breaking Metal News: Dream Theater gets first Grammy Award nomination, No Portnoy required

Dream Theater received their first ever Grammy nomination for the upcoming 2012 award show.  The band’s 2011 single “On The Backs of Angels” from A Dramatic Turn of Events is nominated for “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance.”

Granted, most true metalheads have about as much respect for the Grammy’s as we do for the Rock and Roll Hall of Crap, but it is still awesome to see Dream Theater get some mainstream recognition.  It is unfortunate that ex-drummer Mike Portnoy isn’t around for the celebration.

Other bands nominated in the category are:

Foo Fighters “White Limo” (GoR: Lemmy is in the video, totally worthy)

Megadeth “Public Enemy #1” (GoR: Always worthy)

Mastodon “Curl of the Burl” (GoR: Meh)

Sum 41 “Blood in my Eyes” (GoR: …yawn…)


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