Metal Talk – Ozzy’s Boneyard Cancels Eddie Trunk?

The buzz on the metal wire this morning is that Sirius/XM’s station that is now Ozzy’s Boneyard is canceling Eddie Trunk’s radio show. Check out Trunk’s feed for more info, he has been hinting at it this morning. This is disappointing news if it is true. If I get official confirmation of such cancellation, my satellite subscription will be canceled immediately as well. With Howard Stern’s watered down show schedule and zero Trunk, Sirius/XM will be a giant ripoff. Well, for me at least. What are your thoughts?


  1. Eddie Trunk is the Monday night anchor on Boneyard. Why in the world would Ozzy cancel him his show is great. It’s the highlight of my Monday evenings. Well Sirius should just move him to Hair Nation or Classic Rewind or even talk to howard and put him on 101 on Monday nights.

  2. It is a tragedy that Ozzy/Sharon cancelled EDDIE TRUNK ROCKS just for a few extra dollars, his Radio Show has been a godsend to Metal music & the Bands that still play, i am extremely upset about this tragedy, the world is selling itself out to money hungry fools, image seems to be everything nowadays instead of purely talented artists, like create a Star commercialized crap such as American Idol, signing untalented nobodies to Million Dollar contracts just to watch them fade away & disappear of the face of the earth in 5yrs, as hard working Musicians get no credit after over 40yrs of bringing us the unique music we all love. EDDIE TRUNK ROCKS ALWAYS & FOREVER, METAL HEART & SOUL. Ray Burrows

  3. pure and simple, she is the reason Eddie is gone, long time stand off with the two, she would not let Ozzy go on TMS or his Monday night show, sad to hear what a shell of a mind Ozzy has now

  4. As others have alluded to, all signs point to Sharon, as usual. This is a real bummer. I’m in the freight business, and those four hours with Eddie on Monday night is something I look forward to if I’m on the road….hopefully, something is worked out with another channel, and I’m sure my Boneyard listening has went down too considering I’m already hearing alot more of the crappy parts of Ozzy’s career getting airtime on a frequent basis. SAVE EDDIE!

  5. [quote]It is a tragedy that Ozzy/Sharon cancelled EDDIE TRUNK ROCKS just for a few extra dollars[/quote]

    It’s isn’t about the money, Sharon Osbone has had it in for Eddie for a long time, it goes back to his comments about Ozzy’s first two albums that were re-recorded to erase Kerslake & Daisleys contributions.

  6. Ozzy’s Boneyard sux, pure and simple. I wish they’d go back to the old, old Boneyard (pre merger). That was the best!
    Glad Eddie’s moving over to Trunk Nation!

    • I believe you are referring to the Buzzsaw.
      When choosing between XM and Sirius I choose Sirius because of the Buzzsaw.
      What a great channel that was.

  7. Why were Ozzy and family even brought into the Boneyard? Who decided that was a great idea??? Channel was great as it was, now we have to interrupt the music for Ozzy to mumble, and for that witch wife of his to screech?

  8. I can’t stand it. The 30 sec. clips of Ozzy, even Sharon, don’t bother me that much but they have brought in these stupid comedy and roast shows, with some idiot (maybe Ozzy himself) giggling in the background, it is so completely stupid and annoying. I just bought Sirius/XM for a year recently, specifically for Boneyard. Now I wish I hadn’t. It’s so bad, I hate it! And Eddie!!! I don’t know anyone else who can put on a show with more informative and interesting facts, guests, and conversations than Eddie. If I have listen to Winger or Poison on Hair Nation while waiting for the Trunk show, I think I’ll blow my brains out. PLEASE, somebody do something! Let’s get back to what matters. And Ozzy too, stick to making awesome music, leave the rest alone. You don’t have to have more than Gene Simmons to be who you are!

  9. Agreed – boneyard was great. Now we get 2 helpings of ozzy instead of variety. And can someone tell me what the hell sharon and his kids have to do with music? I buy XM because of the music. Now it is an ozzy promotion channel. That is what free radio is for.

  10. Just sent an email to the asking for an explanation as to what in the hell is going on over there. I listen (used to anyway) the Boneyard every day. Today on the way home from work I heard Foghat, Nazareth and Ministry all played. Fine bands (if you like them), but here are better stations on siriusxm for such bands.

    I fully expect to NOT get a reply to my e-mail. But I am just so disappointed that they would make such a drastic change to what was a great channel. Now I am getting “nu metal” and classic rock bands on the Boneyard. Someone needs to get their head out of their ass.

  11. It’s a shame that Sharon is money hungry to the extreme. There are some things that are more important than money. If Ozzy’s brain was all there, he would not allow some of these things to go on. Look at what is happening with Bill Ward. It’s all a shame. She continues to pimp Ozzy out on tour. He uses a teleprompter to read the lyrics that he can no longer remember and his voice is gone three songs into the show. It’s a terrible shame. She keeps him on pills so that she can manipulate him…

  12. I like Eddie Trunk on VH1’s that Metal Show – but frankly I say good riddenence on the Boneyard. I am a subscriber to XMSirius – and I want to hear music, plain and simple. Perhaps Trunk should be on a talk chanel not a music one. I know he is well liked and highly regarded, and I am one of those, I’m just saying I want music on the Boneyard – not talk and his interviews can sometimes be a drag when you want to rock out.

    I like the move.

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