2012 Grammy Metal Crap…DREAM THEATER? MEGADETH?

Tonight is the Grammys and you, as a fan of rock and metal, could care less.  Understood.  However, if you have been paying any attention to the Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance category this year, you would notice it looks like this:

Dream Theater “On the Backs of Angels”

Mastodon “Curl of the Burl”

Foo Fighters “White Limo”

Megadeth “Public Enemy #1”

Sum 41 (seriously, not kidding) “Blood in My Eyes”

Who should win? Dream Theater…after overcoming the Portnoy fiasco/misunderstanding, DT delivered this tremendously brutal offering…although DT has zero-point-zero chance of winning.

Who deserves the Grammy most? Megadeth…Mustaine is still waiting for his first. You can’t argue that he is ludicrously overdue.

Who will win? Foo Fighters…however, Wasting Light is a great ROCK album, not METAL album….let Grohl take the three other rock categories that he is up for, but leave the METAL award to the METAL BANDS.

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