“Eddie Trunk Live” Moves to Sirius/XM Hair Nation Starting Tomorrow

It is now official, beginning tomorrow Sirius/XM program Eddie Trunk Live can be heard on Hair Nation:

From @EddieTrunk’s twitter: I appreciate all the support and join me live tomorrow night at 6P ET on Hair Nation channel for Eddie Trunk Live! #trunknation

It is nice that Trunk was able to work it out with the flailing satellite radio industry.  On the other hand, have you been listening to Ozzy’s Boneyard? What are your thoughts on the new programming?


  1. Great News, Ya on The Boneyard ive never heard so much Ozzy being played, it was a great Channel until Ozzy bought it out, what a joke, Hair Nation will have my full support from this day forward, EDDIE TRUNK deserves an outlet to provide support for all of our favorite bands that are currently working hard to provide us long term fans the music we love. EDDIE TRUNK is an honest straight forward guy & nobody works as hard as him to promote the music & bands that deserve the credit that they dont recieve. EDDIE TRUNK deserves a GRAMMY.

  2. I agree with Gus completely. I listen to The Boneyard all day and I always find myself tuning out when Eddie Trunk opens his mouth during his ‘show’. If I wanted to hear Eddie run his mouth about his personal life and how he’s best buds with everyone in the metal industry I’d fucking ask him. Kudos to Ozzy and Sharron for taking over The Boneyard, changing the programming and getting rid of that tool. I now have no need to tune out!

  3. I am already sick of hearing Ozzy’s blithering brain dead babble and the over played ozzyness on the the bone yard. he’s ruined a good station. It’s obviuos to me that Sharron didn’t like the pro Dio attitude and respect that Eddy Trunk had for Ronnie. And The move that Eddie had to make to hair nation doesn’t fit. It’s time for a new old school hard rock station mostly with a little hair nation added but managed by trunk

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