1. Fuck Dave Grohl, how can he shout out to slayer when he plays wimpy songs? Not saying he’s a bad artist, but he can’t compare his crap to anything Slayers done in the past 30 years.
    It’s time for him to hop on someone elses bandwagon

    • Are you really that f’ing ignorant? Don’t open your mouth about something you know nothing about. If you’ve seen any interview with him, you’d know that metal (yes, including Slayer) is his music of choice, and he grew up on it just like the rest of us. Yeah, 90% of Foo Fighters songs are kinda “wimpy”, but it pays the bills for him. He never said the Foo’s music was comparable to Slayer, that’s not the point. BTW, he’s done a lot of side projects that were pretty damn heavy, just because he loves it. Also, it allows him a platform to tell people that metal kicks ass, just like he did on the Grammys.

      What are you doing to promote metal? Except tear down people that actually play musical instruments. Why not use some of that hate for the real enemy….rap and hip hop “artists” that have absolutely no business being labeled as musicians.

      • I’m the ignorant one? You’re just buying the bullshit that the labels are selling. Are you insinuating that Slayer couldnt play the bills with their music? Cause that’s an ignorant argument to make. Dave Grohl just sells what the mainstream labels tell him to, by “shouting out” to Slayer he’s pulling a wider audience “the metalheads” to look at his music and buy albums.

        What am I doing to promote metal? A he’ll of a lot more than paying a record company to release more god-awful shut music. I support real metal, and the smaller labels that don’t have corporate backing.

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