New COC Album is AWESOME!!! (Comes out 2/28/12)

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the new Corrosion of Conformity self-titled album featuring the Animosity lineup, and I must say, it is the best album of 2012 thus far.  These tracks are the perfect blend of heavy, thrashy, and sludgy godliness.  Support classic southern metal on Feb. 28 by getting your copy of Corrosion of Conformity.  It will definitely hold you over until Pepper Keenan rejoins for a new record over the next couple years.  Actually, this sound may be better than the last two COC releases with Keenan.  Damn, this album gets better and better with every listen.

This is the first COC album on Candlelight Records, a great metal label, and the same label that helped revive Fear Factory a couple years ago.

COC is Mike Dean (Vocals/Bass), Woody Weatherman (Guitars), and Reed Mullin (Drums).

Track Listing:

1. Psychic Vampire
2. River of Stone
3. Leeches
4. El Lamento de Las Cabras
5. Your Tomorrow
6. The Doom
7. The Moneychangers
8. Come Not Here
9. What We Become
10. Rat City
11. Time of Trials

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