Megadeth Bassist – Pastor-in-Training, Mega Life Founder…

Recently, Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson has been talking about his decision to become a Lutheran pastor and the founding of Mega Life Ministries.

 “My decision really stemmed from attending the church that I have raised my children in. The pastor of the church is a really cool guy. He’s a musician and a songwriter and knows a lot about rock n roll. When he moved to Scottsdale to become the Senior Pastor at the church we attend, he and I really hit it off and he was the one who actually suggested that he felt I would be a good fit. He told me that the church needs to have more current and relevant people in their ranks. In a way, he felt as though I was the perfect example because there was a time in my life that I had turned away from the church, but ultimately returned triumphantly. My story is a believable one and that is something that people look towards when they are deciding whether to trust in you. I believe that playing in Megadeth has been one of my primary purposes in life. However, I feel as though a lot of people reach a point in their lives where there is a fork in the road and aren’t quite sure where to turn. I’m proud to be taking the seminary training so that one day, I might have a solid answer to give back to them.” (Read More)

Check out the Scottsdale, Arizona-based Mega Life site for more info.  Here is a bit from the organization’s mission:

As an outreach ministry we are focused on serving all people in their development of faith. Our ministry is designed to help engage the needs of both churched and un-churched individuals & families worldwide.

The whole thing is…well, interesting to say the least…heavy metal hymns anyone?

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