New Marilyn Manson Album in May, LeBeouf-Directed Video Shooting Soon

I just read that Shia LeBeouf will be directing the music video for the upcoming Marilyn Manson single “No Relection” from Manson’s spring release Born Villain.  My only question/concern: Will this destroy Manson’s artistic integrity?  (see Wall Street 2 and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to see what I mean…although LaBeouf was the bomb in Holes, yo).

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  1. Umm, have you not seen Born Villain? You kind of sound ignorant. Shia did an amazing job on it. I’m also sure the single is going to be out sooner than May because Manson starts touring this month and has said the single will be “shoved up your ass very soon”. The album is what you probably heard was coming out in May.

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