Life of Agony – Over Again, Says Drummer Sal Abruscato

Here is a blurb from an interview with drummer Sal Abruscato about the fate of LOA, transgender singer:

“We’re not gonna play [anymore]. We moved out of our studio. We all kind of feel like we’re at the end. We’re never gonna make another record, because of those kinds of problems I was talking about [earlier in the interview] — we can’t agree on writing a song. And Keith [Caputo, vocals] wants to pursue his life and his lifestyle. And that’s pretty much the reason why also I’ve moved on and I’m doing my own thing… to just keep going; I didn’t want my career to stop with LIFE OF AGONYLIFE OF AGONY doesn’t tour, LIFE OF AGONY doesn’t do much. And so we were at a point where it was like… We did the last three shows in July [2011] and then we moved out of our studio, and that’s it. I don’t foresee anything in the future; I highly doubt it. I don’t know how that would happen.”

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