2012 March Madness Heavy Metal Bracket – Round 3 Results

The Sweet Six-Six-Sixteen metal bands ripped each other apart in round 3 of the 2012 March Madness Heavy Metal Tournament.  Here are some of the more disturbing highlights: After a long grueling hostile battle, Pantera reached for their guns forcing Motorhead to walk on home, boy; Slayer rained blood on Kiss from the lacerated sky; and Iron Maiden had Aerosmith running to the hills.  Check out the round 3 results below: (Click on the bracket to enlarge)

Black Sabbath defeated Alice Cooper

Pantera defeated Motorhead

Metallica defeated Queen

Megadeth defeated Judas Priest

Iron Maiden defeated Aerosmith

Led Zeppelin defeated Ozzy Osbourne

AC/DC defeated Motley Crue

Slayer defeated Kiss

The Evil Eight Elite match-ups left are Black Sabbath vs. Pantera, Metallica vs. Megadeth,  Iron Maiden vs. Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC vs. Slayer.

If you haven’t done so already, print out your own Gears of Rock March Madness Heavy Metal Bracket here.

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