2012 March Madness Heavy Metal Bracket – Round 4 Results

The Evil Eight Elite fought some bone-crushing battles in hopes of making it to the Final Four of the 2012 March Madness Heavy Metal Tournament.  The results: Black Sabbath edged out Pantera on experience, Metallica narrowly escaped defeat against Megadeth, Iron Maiden destroyed Led Zeppelin in classic trooper formation, and Slayer sent AC/DC back to the land down under on Satan’s orders.  Check out the results on the bracket below: (Click on the bracket to enlarge)

Black Sabbath defeated Pantera

Metallica defeated Megadeth

Iron Maiden defeated Led Zeppelin

Slayer defeated AC/DC

The Final Four match-ups are: Black Sabbath vs. Metallica, and Iron Maiden vs. Slayer.

If you haven’t done so already, print out your own Gears of Rock March Madness Heavy Metal Bracket here.

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