New Tenacious D Song “To Be The Best” Song And Video Streaming Now – “Rize of the Phoenix” May 15

Jack Black reported on his Facebook that there is new Tenacious D!!!! And that the new D is “more talented than The Beatles, Stones, and Zeppelin combined.”  It’s true (probably).  Check out the video proof below, it’s kind of like a teaser.  The new album Rize of the Phoenix comes out May 15.

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  1. As a long-time D-sciple, I’m excited as hell for the comeback. I’m a bit alarmed though.. why did they choose The Sights to open for them on tour? I live in Michigan and as soon as I heard about this opening band The Sights I went to go check them out. It was really bizarre, they talked on stage about how they were going to open up for The D on the upcoming tour then started trashing Jack and Kyle. The audience was nervously laughing at first but then realized these guys weren’t kidding. It got pretty awkward as the lead singer tried to get the audience back on their side but that didn’t happen until they started playing.

    Looks like “fame” has already gotten to their heads if they’re already biting the hands that feeds them. I mean they sounded all right but they came across as a bunch of dicks to be honest. Surely Tenacious D has a reason for picking these guys I don’t know?

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