Review – Accept “Stalingrad” [2012]

Stalingrad is one hell of a followup to 2010’s Blood of the NationsAccept is 100% on top of their game and I am loving every part of this rebirth.

The blistering guitars complement each other wonderfully on tracks like the opener “Hung, Drawn, and Quartered.” The title track “Stalingrad” is the perfect blend of heavy riff-age and melodic mayhem, and the folk-inspired leads are impossible to resist.

“Flash To Bang Time” features double-bass action a la Priests’ “Painkiller” before taking on its own crushing feel. The track “Hellfire” has a sleek groove while “Shadow Soldiers” is a fist-pumpers delight once it kicks in, a good song to take on your next jog.

Two of the best moments on the album include the main guitar riff on “The Quick and The Dead” and its blazing bass solo.

“Revolution” is an energetic singalong track that contains several sweet breakdowns and solid arpeggiated leads. “Against The World” is another gang-vocal delight and employs classic sounding metal riffs.

The evilest sounding song of Stalingrad and also its most uplifting is the closing track “The Galley.” It starts off ugly—like Slayer ugly—before going into a galloping-swing frenzy, then ends with the prettiest guitars you will ever hear this side of the Rhine.

“Twist of Fate” is a strong breather track featuring a bumping bass with clean and dirty guitars, reminiscent of old school Sunset Strip metal but with far more substance.

Between the extremely competent ax-work and classic crunch feel, Stalingrad is another top contender for best record of 2012 in my book. Easily 5 stars, it’s already a classic. If you have not done so already, it is time that you fully embrace Accept’s renaissance.

Stalingrad Track Listing:

1. Hung, Drawn And Quartered (4:35)
2. Stalingrad (5:59)
3. Hellfire (6:07)
4. Flash To Bang Time (4:06)
5. Shadow Soldiers (5:47)
6. Revolution (4:08)
7. Against The World (3:36)
8. Twist Of Fate (5:30)
9. The Quick And The Dead (4:25)
10. The Galley (7:21)

Accept is Mark Tornillo (vocals), Wolf Hoffman (guitars), Herman Frank (guitars), Peter Baltes (bass), and Stefan Schwarzmann (drums).


  1. “Rebirth” says it. ACCEPT hit the ground running and haven’t let up any for this one. The songs are strong and the musicianship is stellar. Add this one to your sacred ACCEPT collection! They are touring now in Europe and will visit the US later this year, so there’s no excuse not to catch them in concert this year. You won’t be disappointed.

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