Metal Talk – Axl Rose Rock Hall Nonsense

As you know, this past week Axl Rose “respectfully declined” the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s induction of Guns N’ Roses in a lengthy statement. Since Rose’s announcement, everyone from rock stars to Eddie Trunk to the fans have been talking incessantly about it. Here is my negative two cents on the matter: I think Rose’s decision is awesome and in no way disrespects the fans. On a side note, in my eyes Axl currently fronts a talented solo band and should not use the name Guns N’ Roses (hell, Tracii Guns has not been in the band since 1985?)—if anything touring under Guns N’ Roses is disrespectful to fans…making people wait hours for the show to begin is disrespectful to fans. And finally, let’s stop discussing how lousy of an institution the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is…we all get it, it is time to move on and make the establishment nothing more than a distant memory. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Forever And Ever…A\m/en.

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