Sebastian Bach “Physically Attacked” In Sao Paolo

Sebastian Bach commented on the wild crowd he played to in Sao Paolo on Sat. April 14. The crowd “physically attacked” Sebastian Bach’s band and crew as they were trying to leave the venue. “Hair was pulled, crew members got punched,” wrote Bach on his Facebook. Read Bach’s full comment on the experience in Sao Paolo below:

Well that was crazy. Thank you Sao Paulo for being an incredible crowd tonight. It is frustrating for us to play in smaller venues sometimes. The crowds are insane & we just got physically attacked trying to leave the venue. Hair was pulled, crew members got punched, my ears are blown because of the sheer excitement & pandemonium playing this place tonight. I know you all want a picture but we canonly do so many pictures with you all. Its impossible to take a picture with every single one of you. After playing stadiums here for years playing the theatre tonight just didn’t make sense. We had to do an early show to make room for the samba band coming in after us & it really wasn’t fair to the band or the fans. Doing 4 cities in 4 nights by plane is insanely gruelling & its hard for the fans to understand how physically demanding this is. I would love to hang out with you all but everyone gets so excited they just grab & pull & scream & it’s not that much fun to be grabbed & yanked & pulled at for hours on end. We try to give all our energy onstage so please try & realize we are just human beings when we are done the show. If i dont feel like posing for pictures for hours on end it doesnt mean i dont like you. It means that i would rather maybe talk, hang out, relax a little. I love you all! Please try & understand we are people just like you. If i walked up to you & pulled your hair or screamed at you, maybe you wouldnt like it either. We are on a crazy schedule so please bear with us. Don’t shoot me, I’m only the piano player okay! Thanks Sao Paulo see you again in a couple of days!

Watch Sebastian Bach perform “Slave To The Grind” in Sao Paolo, Brazil:

“I Remember You”

“Youth Gone Wild”

As you can see from the videos, those South American fan can get pretty wild.

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