Review: Rush “Headlong Flight” From “Clockwork Angels”

The new Rush single “Headlong Flight” from the upcoming Clockwork Angels album is now streaming on the Internet. “Headlong Flight” begins with earth-trembling bass guitar work from frontman Geddy Lee coupled with an explosive drum cadence from Neil Peart. Guitarist Alex Lifeson joins the madness, bringing in the heavy riffage. The main guitar riff of the song is powerfully charged with mechanical bliss and auditory progressivism. Lee’s vocals are supreme as they are highly curative of any toxic ailment that we find in music today. Rush’s ingenuity is medicinal in this day and age; offering hope to the tunefully powerless and relief to those that sometimes feel lyrically destitute.  Hopefully, “Headlong Flight” is a powerful indicator of what to expect on Clockwork Angels in June…greatness!

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