Fear Factory’s New Sick Tour Drummer – Mike Heller

Drummer Gene Hoglan had to bow out of the Fear Factory tour in support of upcoming album The Industrialist due to other obligations, but that isn’t going to stop the band from destroying city after city. The band asked the folks at Sick Drummer Magazine to find the band a new drummer and the man for the job is…MIKE HELLER.

From Sick Drummer Magazine:

Dino, Burton C. Bell and Matt DeVries want to personally thank each and every guy who spent time learning the songs and to let you know this was one of the hardest decicions they have ever had to make, but in the end… Mike Heller was just the best fit for Fear Factory moving forward. Mike’s abilities on the kit, transcribing notation, his feel, power and precision, are some of the best they have ever seen and they are very excited to welcome him to the Fear Factory camp.

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