Alt-metal band Spineshank are gearing up to release new album Anger Denial Acceptance with the band’s original lineup following a six year hiatus. The album will be released by the band’s new label Century Media on June 19. See the artwork and track listing below:

Guitarist Mike Sarkisyan says of the new record, “It was very important to us, as artists, to make this record. We felt like we had something to say as a band…Some of us were going through divorces, others lost people very close to them and that’s what basically surrounded us during the creative process.”

Track Listing:

01. After The End
02. Nothing Left For Me
03. Anger Denial Acceptance
04. I Want You To Know
05. Murder Suicide
06. The Endless Disconnect
07. I Am Damage
08. Ploratio Morbus
09. Everything Everyone Everywhere Ends
10. The Reckoning
11. God Complex (Anger)
12. Motive Method Opportunity (Denial)
13. Exit Wounds (Acceptance)

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