Rock ‘N Roll Allstars NOT Playing Metal Open Air Festival Tonight – Sao Luis, Brazil

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons announced on Twitter that the Rock N Roll Allstars will not perform at the Metal Open Air Festival in Sao Luis, Brazil tonight (April 21). The RNR Allstars insist that the promoter is failing to provide a safe environment for a rock concert. Here is Gene’s full statement:

April 21, 2012The Rock ‘N Roll All-Stars are saddened to announce that we cannot appear at the Metal Open Air Festival at Sao Luis, Brazil. Because of our concern for the safety and well-being of the fans, we have decided that it is far too dangerous to appear at the festival. The local promoter company has failed to act in a professional manner… Including removing all porta potties … And minimizing security. We urge extreme caution to anyone who is considering attending the festival. We had hoped to bring something special to them. But we cannot, in all good conscience, appear at an event that is unsafe. Our profound apologies to the fans. (

This decision sucks for everyone involved, but seems necessary. What’s a rock show without porta-johns? Stupid act on the promoters end, Gene is right here.

The RNR Allstars played Paraguay the other night. Here are some videos of Sebastian Bach, Glenn Hughes, Joe Elliott, and more from that highly successful show. For more info check out the official website of the Rock N Roll Allstars.

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