Nickelback – Live at Madison Square Garden 4/19/12

(Concert Review – NY) The multi-platinum selling Canadian hard rock band Nickelback played their first show at the world’s most famous arena this past Thursday night. Currently on a North American arena tour supporting their latest album Here and Now, Nickelback has put together a stage show that takes modern rock n’ roll’s live atmosphere to whole other level once again.

Nickelback kicked off their set with their newest heavy single, “This Means War”, followed by the fan favorite “Something in Your Mouth”. Showing off their two catwalks that act as people movers, along with intense fire all along the back of the stage, the start of Nickelback’s set was a breath of fresh air for anyone who has been deprived lately of an exhilarating arena rock show. The setup of the stage was very similar to what one would see at a Def Leppard show as Chad Kroeger put it himself between songs Thursday night. With multiple catwalks, ramps, and drumsets (yes drumsets), Nickelback was effectively able to play to all fans in the arena.

Though already having stage that could easily please anybody looking for a good a show, Nickelback decided to go the next level. They took their stage show into the air. Nickelback flew on a platform across the crowd landing in the center of the arena, where they would play some of the radio friendly songs that pleased all the women in the audience. They then flew back to the stage where they played a couple of singles off of their new album. Nickelback also loves crowd participation at their shows. Jamming on heavy riffs, they had t-shirts and beer thrown into the audience before they played their fire-blazing rock anthem “Burn It to the Ground”.

Overall, Nickelback provided a great night for everyone, from the moderate fan taking their girlfriend to a rock show, to the die hard rock fan who wants to see Kiss-like explosions. Nickelback gets a lot of baggage from the rock community for their radio-pop hits, but it doesn’t change the fact that they arguably have the best stage show of all modern rock bands today. It also doesn’t change the fact that they can play a heavier set than most modern rock bands while having an audience that is half female. Nickelback puts on a show worth seeing. It is highly recommended to see them if they have yet to come through your town.


1.This Means War
2.Something in Your Mouth
3.Never Again
5.Far Away
6.Bottoms Up (On Floating Stage)
7.Rockstar (On Floating Stage)
8.Someday (On Floating Stage)
9.Animals (On Floating Stage)
11.When We Stand Together
12.Drum Solo
13.How You Remind Me
14.Side of a Bullet/ Because of You (riff snippets- T Shirt and Beer toss)
16.Burn It to the Ground
17.Gotta Be Somebody
18.Figured You Out

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