Nikki Sixx Posts 1981 Motley Crue Bootleg on FaceBook

Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe this morning (April 22) via FaceBook:

A fan sent me this link to Motley Crue live in Oct of 1981…Its obviously a bootleg but doest sound too bad…The 2nd song is a song we only played live a few times and never recorded….Enjoy…

This audio is from Country Club in Los Angeles, CA on October 2, 1981 and the audio quality is pretty good.

Setlist – Reseda, Los Angeles, CA:

01 – Take me to the Top
02 – Two Timer
03 – Come on and Dance
04 – Micks Solo
05 – Piece of your Action
06 – Merry go Round
07 – Too fast for Love
08 – Toast of the Town
09 – Stick to your Guns
10 – Starry Eyes
11 – Live Wire
12 – Helter Skelter
13 – Jailhouse Rock

The Crue is hitting the road with Kiss this summer and fall.

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