Testament in Studio B-Sides and Bonus Tracks – “The Dark Roots of Earth” July 2012

Testament is in the studio finishing up recording bonus tracks and b-sides for new album The Dark Roots of Earth, which is being released in July. The first single of the upcoming July release will be “Native Blood.” Tracking of b-sides and bonus cover tracks commenced today according to guitarist Alex Skolnick on Twitter. Here are some of Skolnick’s tweets from April 22 (with hints – Iron Maiden cover? Scorpions?):

It is – bonus tracks & B sides. See earlier tweets. “@cremacafe_steve: Doesn’t sound like it’s a @testamentbandalbum then.”

Done tracking! Had a blast channeling the power of these animalistic cover tunes (a couple hints right there). 😉

‘Dark Roots’ = “Dark Roots Of Earth” = Next Testament album. July release date (final)

Great bonus trax too. Can’t say exactly what covers. But 1 of the bands may have had a member on @ThatMetalShow tonight. 😉

July (4 real this time). “@sfennell99: When is the new Testament album coming out? Can’t wait.”

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