Video of Anthrax Monterrey, Mexico 4-17-12 Posted

Video of Anthrax’s set at Auditorio Banamex, Monterey in Mexico. Gene Hoglan filled in for Charlie Benante on drums at this concert on April 17 (Benante took short leave to be with ill mother). Watch the streaming video below:


“Got The Time”


“Among The Living” (from the pit)



1. Earth on Hell
2. Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t
3. Caught in a Mosh
4. Antisocial (Trust cover)
5. The Devil You Know
6. Indians
7. In the End
8. Got the Time (Joe Jackson cover)
9. Deathrider
10. Medusa
11. Among the Living
12. Be All, End All
13. Madhouse
14. Metal Thrashing Mad
15. I’m the Man
16. I Am the Law
(Gene Hoglan replaced Charlie Benante on this show)

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