Watch Fear Factory Live Buenos Aires, Argentina Teatro Vorterix 4-26-12

Fear Factory presented Argentina with their new lineup in Buenos Aires at Teatro Vorterix on April 26. Luckily, streaming footage of the entire show has surfaced online. The lineup consists of Burton C. Bell on vocals, Dino Cazares on guitar, Matt DeVries on bass (replacing Byron Stroud), and Mike Heller on drums (replacing Gene Hoglan). Watch the entire 15-song set below:

Fear Factory Setlist:

  1. Mechanize
  2. Shock
  3. Edgecrusher
  4. Smasher/Devourer
  5. Acres Of Skin
  6. Linchpin
  7. Recharger
  8. Powershifter
  9. Fear Campaign
  10. Christploitation
  11. Martyr
  12. Demanufacture
  13. Self Bias Resistor
  14. Zero Signal
  15. Replica

Fear Factory will release The Industrialist on June 5.

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