Dio “Master of the Moon” Picture Disc Releases June 5

Dio’s final studio album Master of the Moon will be re-released on picture disc June 5 via Niji Entertainment Group for the first time in the US. The record’s lineup includes Ronnie James Dio on vocals, Craig Goldy on guitar/keyboards, Jeff Pilson on bass, Scott Warren on keyboards, and Simon Wright on drums.

Track Listing:

“One More for the Road” – 3:18
“Master of the Moon” – 4:19
“The End of the World” – 4:39
“Shivers” – 4:15
“The Man Who Would Be King” – 4:58
“The Eyes” – 6:27
“Living the Lie” – 4:25
“I Am” – 5:00
“Death by Love” – 4:21
“In Dreams” – 4:26

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