Marilyn Manson “Born Villain” Album Streaming on AOL

Marilyn Manson is releasing his new album Born Villain tomorrow May 1, however you can listen to the entire album now at AOL streaming Full CD Listening Party. Head on over and hear the new Manson. It includes bonus Carly Simon cover track “You’re So Vain” featuring actor Johnny Depp.


1. “Hey, Cruel World…”
2. “No Reflection”
3. “Pistol Whipped”  
4. “Overneath the Path of Misery”
5. “Slo-Mo-Tion”
6. “The Gardener”
7. “The Flowers of Evil”
8. “Children of Cain”  
9. “Disengaged”
10. “Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms”
11. “Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day”  
12. “Born Villain”  
13. “Breaking the Same Old Ground”  

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