Top 10 Women of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal!!!

Over the past decade there has been a surge in female participation in hard rock and heavy metal bands, and some of these women have proven to be some of the best vocalists in hard music today. Here is a list of the Top 10 Women of Heavy Metal, arranged according to not only good looks and talent—don’t get us wrong, they are certainly hot—but how hard they rock! These are the 10 best women vocalists tearing it up today.

#10 Lacey Sturm – Flyleaf

#9 Taylor Momsen – The Pretty Reckless

#8 Maria Brink – In This Moment

#7 Candace Kucsulain – Walls of Jericho

#6 Morgan lander – Kittie

#5 Otep Shamaya – Otep

#4 Amy Lee – Evanescence

#3 Angela Gossow – Arch Enemy

#2 Cristina Scabbia – Lacuna Coil 

#1 Lzzy Hale – Halestorm

Top 7 Hottest Ladies Behind Heavy Metal

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