Anthrax Guitarist Discusses Coffee on Blog

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian posted a new blog post on his official site describing his recent trips to Indonesia and South America. In this excerpt, he comments on all the great coffees he consumed:

Over the last month and a half I’ve been lucky to have had coffee in Indonesia, Brazil and Columbia. If you follow me online at all you know I’m a bit of a coffee fan. I’ve sampled some of the best beans in the world recently, had some great espressos, drips, siphons, presses everywhere and I’ve come to the conclusion that the person making your coffee has as much to do with the final result as the bean does. I had four cups of the same Luwak in Jakarta and there was no consistency. The second cup I had was the best of the four and I think the best I’ve ever had. The other three were good but not memorable at all. I had an espresso in Santiago yesterday at our hotel that rivaled anything I’ve had in Italy. The guy pulling it knew what he was doing. Same today, there’s a serious coffee bar in our hotel and the guy working it is a pro. He did the Columbian beans justice. Anyway, I’m writing this all jacked up on three cups so there may not be a point to any of it.

Ian also discusses upcoming Anthrax tour plans and wishes Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi good health.

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