Firewind’s “Wall Of Sound” Now Streaming From “Few Against Many”

Firewind is currently streaming their new music video for their single “Wall of Sound” from Few Against Many. Since joining Ozzy Osbourne’s band as lead guitarist, Gus G. has brought even more attention to his Greek power metal band. Few Against Many drops May 22 in North America, but you can stream the leadoff song below:

Track Listing:

  1. “Wall of Sound”
  2. “Losing My Mind”
  3. “Few Against Many”
  4. “The Undying Fire”
  5. “Another Dimension”
  6. “Glorious”
  7. “Edge of a Dream”
  8. “Destiny”
  9. “Long Gone Tomorrow”
  10. “No Heroes, No Sinners”
  11. “Battleborn”
  12. “No Heroes, No Sinners (acoustic)”

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