“Monster” ‘Best Ever’ KISS Album – ‘Revenge Meets Destroyer’, Says Gene Simmons

KISS is getting ready to release Monster in July, so what exactly should fans expect? According to Billboard.com, bassist Gene Simmons said that it could be the best or one of the best KISS albums ever. He describes it as “Revenge meets Destroyer” and talks about the track “Are You Ready?”  Read more about Monster below:

The follow-up to 2009’s “Sonic Boom” is again produced by the band’s Paul Stanley and is, in Simmons’ words, “either the best or one of the top three records we’ve ever done. It’s like ‘Revenge’ meets ‘Destroyer’ — just guitar and drums, nothing else. No keyboards, no little boys’ choir, no strings, no nothing. Band-written; literally we’d get in and strum guitars like the old days.” Co-produced, like “Sonic Boom,” by Kiss co-founder Paul Stanley, “Monster” “was written very fast,” according to Simmons and includes at least one track, “Are You Ready?,” that he describes as “an old song that was torn apart and re-written.”

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