Review: Avengers Assemble – “Avengers” Soundtrack [2012]

Some of the music from the blockbuster movie Avengers featured on the Avengers Assemble soundtrack album is absolutely divine, while others are bland.  The best songs that are highly recommended by the Gears of Rock are “Live To Rise” by Soundgarden (a strong long overdue comeback), the cover of Faith No More’s “From Out Of Nowhere” by Five Finger Death Punch (fantastic rendition!), and “Wherever I Go” by Buckcherry (straight up nasty hard rock).

Songs that range from good to very good include “I’m Alive” by Shinedown (very catchy chorus), “A New Way To Bleed” by Evanescence (mostly computers, but done well), “Unbroken” by every metalhead’s favorite band to hate, Black Veil Brides (if only this band could find a decent image). Tolerable tracks are “Dirt and Roses” by Rise Against (nice pop-punk), “Even If I Could” by Papa Roach (same old sounding Papa), and Scott Weiland’s “Breathe” (I still have hope for this dude).

This is a decent movie album overall. Just like any compilation, you can’t go into these discs with high hopes. You have to accept them for what they are. Avengers Assemble contains a handful of awesome songs that you will love in the short term. However we all know this CD will end up in the 99-cent used bin at FYE by mid-2013.

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