New Thoughts On Ozzy’s Boneyard

A couple of months ago Sirius-XM satellite radio hard rock and heavy metal channel the Boneyard was taken over by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, becoming Ozzy’s Boneyard. At the time, many people, including myself, hated the new changes: no more Eddie Trunk Boneyard radio show (moved to Hair Nation) and listening to Sharon and Ozzy’s commentary every few songs. It seems now the folks of Sirius-XM listened to the anger and disgust of their subscribers, and made improvements to the new format.

I have noticed recently that there is less Sharon and more bad ass hard rock and heavy metal music. For example, the station plays more Pantera than ever before, more Corrosion of Conformity (stupidly underrated), and new songs from the great frontman Sebastian Bach. Thank you for playing more new stuff by classic hard rock artists.

We needed a venue for this and Ozzy’s Boneyard has done just that. Sure it sucks that Eddie Trunk’s show moved to Hair Nation, but the payouts of an updated playlist make it well worth it as long as they continue to tone down the exhausting banter.

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