Black Sabbath Announces Substitute Drummer

Following original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward’s statement of why he will not be performing with the band this summer, Black Sabbath have released a statement of their own. According to the band, they have picked up a substitute drummer for the summer gigs. Upcoming Sabbath shows include Birmingham on May 19, Download Festival on June 10, and Lollapalooza on August 3.

The man will be revealed soon by the band, but my guess is Tommy Clufetos, the drummer that singer Ozzy Osbourne stole from Rob Zombie for 2010’s Scream. I don’t think it will be: Mike Bordin since Faith No More are playing shows this summer, Joey Jordison because Slipknot is touring all summer, and Mike Portnoy will be doing the same with Adrenaline Mob.

Again, this is a huge disappointment and disgrace. How could the four original members of the greatest heavy metal band of all time not get it together? There is only one reason/reality show judge that I can think of that is responsible…

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