Review – John 5 “God Told Me To” [2012]

John 5 is a brilliant rock guitarist who never ceases to amaze. His technical ingenuity, self-discipline, and general inventiveness are on full display in his latest guitar album God Told Me To.

John 5 delivers fervent aggression while shredding away on “Welcome To Violence,” “The Lust Killer,” and “The Hill of Seven Jackals.” On “Killafornia,” the Rob Zombie guitarist serves up explosive Satch-like melodies.

The best cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” of all time is the one on this very album. John 5’s guitars scream the verses in a blistering manner, far better than any rock singer could offer.

It is important to note that this is his first solo album with prominent acoustic guitars. The Zeppelin-esque “Ashland Bump” and “The Castle” are perfect compliments to the more vicious tracks.

“Noche Acosador,” “Creepy Crawler,” and “The Lie You Live” also employ acoustic guitars striking just the right balance between groove and elegance.

John 5 is a gifted audile that consistently conjures up intense images with his music. God Told Me To is his best all-around release to date thanks to its diversification and unbridled passion. For guitar fans, this album is a must own.

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John 5 plays guitar for Rob Zombie, who is currently on tour with Megadeth. Read our review of the Rob Zombie performance at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ here from May 11.

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